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Dear friends, acquaintances, partners, lovers of fine beer, we need you!

In 2017, we embarked on a mission to create a beer festival unlike any other; an occasion where we could share our genuine passion for the  world of craft beer. We successfully rallied a committed team around this shared enthusiasm, and each year we've been able to offer an exceptional weekend for our visitors to explore the delights of fine drinking, whether they're newcomers or expert beer connoisseurs.

BlxBeerFest is, every year:

  • 60 breweries represented by their passionate and driven brewers, 

  • Over 200 hard-working volunteers, 

  • Serving approximately 30,000 glasses of beer,

  • A commitment to bringing the world of fine food and drink to life, not just in Brussels but across Belgium and beyond,

  • An aspiration to raise awareness of Brussels and its rich cultural heritage,

  • The eagerness to forge new connections and strengthen networks,

  • A diverse array of tasting workshops, providing everyone with the opportunity to discover new flavours and expand their knowledge,

  • The joy of sharing our latest discoveries in the brewing world, accumulated throughout the year.

and so much more!

However, organising such an event demands significant energy, time, and financial resources. We utilised our savings to establish the non-profit organisation responsible for the festival. Despite the risks involved, our shared passion propelled us forward, driving our unwavering investment in the project. Crafting a successful business model for the festival was no easy feat, but after five editions, we've achieved it.

Thanks to your enthusiasm and presence, BxlBeerFest #23 was a success, and this year, we managed to break even.

Unfortunately, our cash flow continues to be impacted by the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this challenging period, we were forced to cancel the event at the last minute, incurring significant costs and revenue losses. Additionally, our fixed expenses, such as warehouse rent, energy costs, and insurance, continued to accumulate.

These financial obligations pose a threat to the future of our beloved festival.

Therefore, we appeal to you - lovers, fans, and enthusiasts of craft beer and the BXLBeerfest. We rely on your generosity and financial support to ensure the festival's future.

Now more than ever, we are determined to continue sharing our passion with you, to introduce you to this rich and generous world, and to provide you with more moments of unparalleled conviviality!


To support us, we aim to raise 30,000 euros. This sum will enable us to settle our debts, thus laying a solid foundation for organising the 2024 event.

NO SHIPPING: all rewards will need to be collected during the 2024 Bxl Beer Fest. Proxies will be allowed.

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