History of Street Art in Paris class / webinar
History of Street Art in Paris class / webinar Book
Timezone : Europe/Paris
Let's dive into the origins and the development of the street art in Paris - the most important art movement of our era that revolutionised contemporary fashion and style - even the luxury brands take their inspiration from graffiti and street culture nowadays. You may already be familiar with graffiti culture in NYC, or heard about Dismaland organised by Banksy. Paris' place in the history of urban art is equally important. But how did graffiti and street art spread over here? What does the famous Louvre museum have to do with it? Blek le Rat, Zevs, Lek & Sowat, are some of the names you need to know. We will also discuss projects like Mausolee or Tour 13 - that had a huge significance in contemporary art. On our walking tours we always share a tiny bit of history with you, but it's never enough time to really cover the subject, and we still need to show you the neighbourhood and the current artists and their styles. Instead of creating more virtual tours that would imitate the real ones that we hope you will take once travelling is possible again, we decided to create a bonus 1 hour class for those who want to dig deeper. It is a history of Paris street art in a nutshell. 

Duration: 90 minutes, including a 30-minute Q&A

The hour below is based on Parisian Time (CEST UTC+2) – you can check what hour will that be in your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com
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Katarzyna Klonowska
38 rue Dunois 75647 , 75647, Paris, France