Play Your Part: Donations
Play Your Part: Donations Contribute
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Any donation, big or small, will get us one step closer to our goal. After 30 years of use,  we need over 100,000 euros to do much-needed renovations to our beloved Warehouse and Studio Theatre. 

We Appreciate your support!

​Play Your Part is your chance to secure the future of the Warehouse for another 30 years.

Donations will be used to provide major upgrades, such as a new, energy-efficient, LED lighting grid, a new ventilation system, a new roof over the Warehouse block, a new bar, a better rehearsal space, and more.

To receive regular updates on our progress, remember to tick the "keep me informed" box. 

If you are interested in making an even greater contribution,  consider our "Angel" program. Angel (€500), Guardian Angel (€1000) and Archangel (€3000) will enjoy benefits, such as having their names on a plaque in the studio, their name on a studio chair or being listed in our programme.

Thank you for playing your part!


for more information, visit our website.

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