Polishing the Mirror of the Heart:  Companions on the Path of Befriending and Love
Polishing the Mirror of the Heart: Companions on the Path of Befriending and Love Online event Book
Thu Dec 03, 2020 at 07:30 PM to Sun Dec 06, 2020 at 06:00 PM Add to my calendar
Timezone : Europe/Paris
2020-12-03 19:30:00 2020-12-06 18:00:00 Europe/Paris Polishing the Mirror of the Heart: Companions on the Path of Befriending and Love Reservations on : https://www.billetweb.fr/polir-le-miroir-du-coeur-compagnons-sur-le-chemin-de-l-amitie-et-de-l-amour -- Ce programme est enraciné dans le silence et la pratique de la méditation guidée, avec des échanges structurés en dyades ou en petits groupes émergeant de notre expérience en tant que participant et à travers les contemplations proposées. Une emphase particulière sera mise sur le raffinement de la connaissance de soi et des qualités de cœur comme l’amour, la tendresse, le courage et la vulnérabilité.Avec l’intention de développer une continuité de conscience, l’atelier partage de nombreuses qualités semblables à une retraite à la maison. Afin de créer des ponts entre les sessions, Saki suggérera des exercices et des réflexions avant et à la fin de chaque session.***Saki Santorelli est professeur en médecine. Il fut directeur de la Clinique de Réduction du Stress de 1996 à 2017, et directeur du Center for Mindfulness  de la Faculté de Médecine du Massachusetts de 2000 à 2017.Toute sa carrière en médecine académique a été orientée autour de l'intégration de la Pleine Conscience dans les soins cliniques et la santé publique. Il a exploré la nature de la relation de guérison lorsqu'elle est embrassée dans la grande étreinte de la Pleine Conscience, en travaillant avec des milliers de patients et en participant à la formation de plusieurs générations d’étudiants en médecine, de professionnels de la santé, d’éducateurs, de praticiens et chercheurs en mindfulness, plus spécifiquement sur le programme MBSR.En 2001, il a fondé Oasis Institute, le centre de formation professionnelle du CFM où il a mis en place un parcours complet de formation des instructeurs MBSR. À ce jour, l’Institut Oasis a formé plus de 19 000 professionnels dans 80 pays.Il est l’auteur de « Guéris-toi toi-même » (Edition Les Arènes). - Association pour le Développement de la Mindfulness (ADM)

Love is the merchandise

which the world demands.

If you store it in your heart

every soul will become your customer.

- Hazrat Inayat Khan -


 When it comes to love we are all “customers.”  Like moth to flame, we are irresistibly attracted to this “merchandise” because somewhere deep inside us we know loves’ worth.  The heart is a wellspring and font of love. There is an art to entering this abode and a price to pay: the willing and gradual surrender of our limited self to the unlimited.

 Understandably, such a prospect may fill us with apprehension, uncertainty and the impulse to turn away.  And yet...like the moth, something draws us to this firelight; this merging we call love.  As we orient our life toward the heart, we discover tenderness, bravery, and courage so real and palpable that we willingly turn.  Turn, kindly and steadfastly, toward our vulnerabilities: toward our hidden places, toward the ways we have been less than true to ourselves and in our relationships with others; toward that which has hindered us from embodying our deepest ideals and values.  All of these limiting, self-protecting habits are what the Sufi’s call the accumulated “rust” on the heart. Sobering and healing, when befriended, looked into deeply, understood, and used wisely, our conditioned vulnerabilities becomes polishing agents revealing our innate wholeness, nobility, and luminosity.

 So, dear friends, take heart, this is our lineage - the path of love and befriending that human beings across all contemplative traditions have walked for millennia.  Experiential and highly relational, this course is an invitation to explore what it’s like for each of us to enter and relax, purify and polish the mirror of the heart.  Together we’ll engage in guided meditation sessions, dyad and small group inquiry, silent individual and group practice, poetry and story, daily home assignments intended to create an ongoing continuity of awareness, and structured and spontaneous moments of conversation and inquiry. 


 As a mother would protect her only child with her life …
cultivate a boundless love towards all beings.

 - Buddha -



 This online program is grounded in silent and guided meditation practice, structured dyad and small group inquiry arising out of your experience as a participant and through contemplations offered by Saki. Particular emphasis will be on the cultivation of self-knowledge and the qualities of the heart such as love, tenderness, courage, and vulnerability.

 Intent on developing a harmonious and unified continuity of awareness, the course shares many of the qualities akin to taking a retreat in your own home. To create bridges between sessions, Saki will assign suggested exercises and reflections before and at the conclusion of each session.

 We invite those of you who sometimes tire of the audiovisual aspects of online Zoom programs to focus primarily on the spoken word when the visual dimension becomes arduous and unproductive for you. However, we will ask you to use the audio and visual dimensions of Zoom when working in breakout sessions.

 In addition to the small group work, there will be ample time for questions and comments in the large group.

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Association pour le Développement de la Mindfulness (ADM)
This intensive workshop will take place online via the Zoom platform. Internet access is required. Downloading Zoom is simple and free. It can be done on a computer or on a smartphone.
Simultaneous translation into French will be available (you can choose to listen to either English or French).
Timetable (Paris time)

Thursday 3 /12 : 19:30 - 22:30
Friday 4 & Saturday 5 : 15h:00 - 17:30 and 19:30 - 22:30
Sunday 6 / 12 :  15:00 - 18:00