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Imagine three concentric rings encompassing the whole neighborhood. The people who take the initiative and make things happen are in the core circle, which includes your most active members, the community weavers, the stewards, and maybe the co-founders. The center of the circle is occupied by the most active members. As a result of their desire to be a member of this group, they put out their best effort to make it both entertaining and productive. Then there's the rim of the ring. These are the folks who don't pay attention to what's going on around them in the broadest sense. Consumers appear when they engage in activities. Nonetheless, the vast majority of them never show up. It's possible that some of them were active in the past. You've never heard of some of them. In most communities, these three phases coexist. Most organizations have a majority of members that aren't actively involved.

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As a community weaver, I operate in two ways:
As a member of the inner and middle circle, my job is to support and mentor those who want to share their unique talents with the rest of the world. Community growth may begin with a strong and stable foundation. Guest Posting Websites: My mind is also relieved to realize that this organization can only flourish if every member contributes.
It's my responsibility to keep the outer circle in the loop and to send fun invites. For that outside of the circle, I make it clear they are welcome to come in and join us in the center.
The fluctuation of member involvement
I'm now able to see the big picture with certain communities. When I first started working at Sandbox, I was able to see what other members were up to. Over the last 10 years, I've been a part of many different online groups. When you zoom out far enough, you can see a significant difference in people's levels of activity, as well.
Members who have been active for many years, for example, have caught my eye. After 2–3 years, they went into hibernation. A sea change occurred in their psyches. The relocation was the only option for the family. They had a household. It was time for them to take on a new challenge, and their new employment was no exception. It was inevitable that things would go their own way. 5 years later, the community started to align with their interests again. Thus, they decide to get back into the game. Members who were generally inactive for six years of their membership in Sandbox then got active and are now helping to run a local chapter nearly 10 years later, is another example I've come across.
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Not every member is affected; others choose to remain inactive. That's fine, thank you. A community must be a good match in terms of people, beliefs, goals, and time.
Outside of the inner circle, there is a function to be played.
Only if the community is still present in the thoughts of the passive members can this long-term cycle of individual involvement, disengagement, and re-engagement takes place. Is there still a newsletter being issued to them regularly? Do they know how to get in touch with each other if they so desire? Is the annual global summit still inviting them?
However insignificantly, each member of the group's peripheral has an impact on the larger picture of the organization. The peripheral, for example, may reflect a wider spectrum of perspectives than the center. People on the periphery may participate if given the chance. Community members may still trust and cooperate with individuals they don't know if it benefits their self-interest if the community has a strong sense of identity.
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