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Anima introduces its new game at the Louvre Museum
The hidden woman ! An Anima x Foxie collab !

The Pitch
Do you know the crazy story of the hidden woman ?! Find it out in this treasure hunt into the hallways of the bigest museum of the world !

The game
You choose to play whenever you want ! After your purchase, you receive a unique code to launch the adventure on your smartphone. Buy your ticket to the museum and go to the Louvre and play !
For the game in FRENCH, pour le jeu en FRANCAIS, click here.

The whole game takes place inside the museum. With your smartphone, discover all the secrets we prepare for you... even the statues could help you find this misterious woman !

No refund will be done. The code is valid through 1 year.

ATTENTION : The entrance ticket for the Louvre museum is mandatory. Reservation (here) for everoyone, even if you can access for free.

Plan your visit

You need to purchase this game online : you will receive a code and instructions. Please download the game before being inside the museum (no network inside).
The game starts inside the Museum, Denon entrance.

To be played from 10 years old.

Don't forget to have :

  • A loaded smartphone

    - iPhone 6S + iOS 12.1 minimum
    - Android : Android 5.0 minimum
    - iPad Air 3 ou iPad mini 5 ou iPad Pro

  • The free Foxie app on your phone

    - iPhone click here
    - Android click here

  • 1h30 of your time !

*Tarifs exclusivement grand public. Aucune facturation ne sera réalisée.
Entreprises ou séances spéciales, nous contacter : contact@anima-agentludique.com

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