Write in any way you wish on the subject of dreams
Write in any way you wish on the subject of dreams Online event Book
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Write in any way you wish on the subject of dreams

She sat alone waiting for her life, dreaming of a new beginning. She sat in a dark, bare, completely unpatterned room. Alone, by herself not even a mouse to have a friendly, up-to-date conversation with. On the floor lay a frayed, antique rug. Red in it’s glory days but now a murky grey, dull colour; very unattractive. No great qualities to offer, no kind soft remarks to make. Around her as she sat and dreamed of a new sun-filled future were white dust sheets covering a simply delightful writing desk, which looked quite an important worker in its day. The rich looking, ivory cream sofas had been hidden from sight. No one knew why. Why had all the endearing furniture had been banished for all longing, loving eyes to behold?Get essay writing help with our service fast and cheap!


The girl sat on the rug, the useless rug, wearing nothing but a dull, white, lifeless night-dress. Having awoken from a dreamy – a dream in which she could not remember being in – she sat in this one room. This room which once would have held glorious balls. Wonderful balls with flamboyant, sparkly dresses. The room where memories lie hidden, beneath dust sheets. Why? She often sat in this room. It made her feel old and superior as if she ruled all. Actually it made her feel below everyone, everything, below people, below furniture. They had memories, yes, under the years of dying dust, but still memories. She was old and had done nothing. Achieved nothing.


Suddenly a howl of wind cascaded into the house through the boarded French windows. The crimson and ochre leaves pouring in with force. They wanted somewhere to make their home. This room would have to do. The now full of life dust sheets rose from the chairs as if gravity had decided upon a new angle. The room was suddenly full of colour. Full of everything she had ever dreamed of. The room was calm; suddenly death had been lifted from this room, from earth itself. Inner calm and confidence took over. We can help with essay writing free even!She had dreamed enough for it to take over. To re-invent life, so as to re-invent herself. To give her hope in her life. All this excitement to fulfil her teenage dreams so long ago, and to create memories; memories of which she longed. Memories which she would achieve tonight. She looked around in awe. What a fantastic room in its time; it was always in their time, their time and her time was now.


The moon gleamed in through the now clear, crisp glass, bouncing off the cleanliness of the room. She paraded around the room. Full of passion, it was now her time. She grabbed the coat stand and proceeded to dance around the room. Caring about nothing except her. She was stunning. She danced for hours her sparkles gleaming, reflecting off the ceiling and walls under glorious candlelight.


Then as suddenly as it had appeared her new, re-invented life was gone. Even if you write to us just "re write my paper" we will help you!It disintegrated; it disappeared from view between her fingers like grains of sand through a sieve. What a life she had had, what an adventure she had discovered, what memories she had finally accomplished. She had a life again. She had lived.

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