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Support long retreats

Many of you may be unable to commit your time towards participating in a three month retreat this year. Yet we often have people who are sincerely interested but who do not have the financial means to attend.

We therefore wish to encourage you to help support those who have a genuine desire to practice these teachings in long term retreat, by donating to our scholarship fund.  As Rinpoche reminded us, if we cannot do retreat ourselves it is very meritorious to sponsor someone in retreat as your “substitute”.

If you would like be a supporter to a retreatant please use the donation link below where you can indicate the donation category and your chosen amount; or email rygomdefrance@gmail.com

The participants will also be performing tsok twice a month during the retreat and doing daily sang and sur offerings. If you would like to make a connection with the retreat group and share in this merit by sponsoring tsok or offerings, please use the donation link below.

We are also beginning the renovations on the three year retreat house, which will also be used in the 2020 three month retreat.  If you would like to contribute towards the renovation of these new facilities please use the donation link below or email us on the abovementioned contact address.

Thank you for your kind support!

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