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When we all come together with heart-felt aspirations, Rinpoche’s enlightened vision for Gomde Pyrénées and our sangha will flourish for generations to come!
We need your help to take care of Gomde!
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche regularly reminds us that our precious retreat home, Gomde Pyrénées, belongs to everyone who practices here. Let’s embrace this opportunity to protect and preserve this powerful and sacred location, both for our own future retreats, as well as for the benefit of many future generations of retreatants yet to come.
You can use the donation link below for a one-time donation and select your chosen amount. For any questions, please email hello@gomde.fr.
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Rangjung Yeshé Gomde Pyrénées
Mas Can Pere Courreu, RD13, 66110 La Bastide, France
04 68 37 89 87