Kaz Hawkins Band
OPEN-MUSIC - Saison 2022-2023
Kaz Hawkins Band Book
Kaz Hawkins is a singer-songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, although she has since moved to France where she is signed to the famous Dixie Frog label.
We won't be denied if we write here that she is currently the most beautiful voice of the female blues! Inspired by her idol Etta James, Kaz Hawkins is gradually writing a very personal work that speaks of her past suffering and also of her commitments to mental health. Empathy is her leitmotiv and you can feel it permanently in her songs or in her interviews. A moving voice between blues and soul, of a great lady, fragile and strong at the same time, a unique moment not to be missed in the intimacy of the Open Music club!
Line up : Kaz Hawkins on vocals, Stef Paglia on guitar, Julien Boisseau on bass, Amaury Blanchard on drums, Cedric Le Goff on keyboards
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