Frequently asked questions

Billetweb is a solution for organizers and thought by organizers. As engineers engaged in associations, we lacked an efficient and affordable tool. We have designed, tested and put it online thanks to Trustweb, a French company registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 800 575 045 00011. The company is based in France, pays its taxes in France and you find our coordinates at the bottom of this page.
Billetweb is a self-service solution, which allows you to maintain total control over your event and also to personalize your ticketing. The solution can be used by any type of audience (individuals, organizations, companies) and for a variety of applications.
Billetweb is a secure solution that meets current standards (encryption of communications, signature of the identity of the domain). We work with a specialized banking partner in the cantonment of funds. We do not store any bank details. Our system is redundant and saved to ensure the best possible availability for your data.
Access to the platform and all features is free. Only a commission on sales paid online (by credit card) is levied. For more information please refer to the pricing page.
Simply create an account and add an event that will allow you to test the entire process (configuration, sales, ticket control). It's free, immediate and without obligation.
None, if you know how to use a computer. The configuration is simplified and is done step by step according to your needs.
Not necessarily. If you do not have a site, we will provide you with a presentation page of your event that will integrate your ticketing module. If you have a site, you can integrate the box office by copying two lines of code available in the "options" section of your event.
No, the entire procedure is done online. By creating an account, you agree to Terms of Service.
On the 1st and 16th of each month you will receive the money from online sales that you have already realized. The money is returned to you by bank transfer. It is also possible to receive the money only after the end of the event.
Tickets can be sold immediately.
In excess of € 2,500 of sales, in accordance with article L561-5 of the CMF, you must provide proof of identity.
You can add as many different types of tickets as you like. Just give them a price and a name (example: 2 day pass, reduced fare, etc.).
Yes. You can create custom forms and include the fields you want (for example, date of birth, address, etc.).
A large number of options are available, allowing you to define your constraints: sales dates, categories, quotas, instructions to participants, addition of visuals, numbered placement, reduction codes, password filtering or e-mail address.
The ticket price can be set by the purchaser. It is therefore possible to organize a donation campaign.
Yes and it's free. By creating your own counters you will be able to collect your customer and print his ticket or send him by email

Of course, you can enter your own orders or stock of tickets without having to pay them and without any fees.

Yes using the payment method "reservation". The purchaser then receives instructions explaining how to validate his booking with the organizer.
You can follow in real time your sales on the site and access statistical information. It is also possible to receive by e-mail a copy of tickets sold

You can export to Excel at any time all the tickets sold and the associated information, which you own.

You can integrate Google Analytics tracking codes, Facebook Pixel. It is also possible to add a source parameter on the links leading to your shop in order to trace your sources.

Yes, depending on the size of your event, there are several options available: print the participant list, download the smartphone control application (Android and iOS) or use our computer control page (with offline mode and operation with or without barcode reader).

We offer professional handheld control terminals for the rental, which will allow you to control high rates of control at the entrance of your events and great mobility.