Prices / Tickets

Add paying tickets, donation, or free registration
Customizable visuals
Set your quotas and sales dates
Organize your tickets by category

Customizable forms

Learn to know your purchasers
Submit registration choices

Promotional Codes / Invitations

Easily create special offers
Sending or printing invitations

Subscription / Members

Restrict purchase by email, password or secret link
Import your member lists
Collect memberships
Create subscriptions on multiple events


Several representations per event

Pass / Additionnal options

One ticket for several activities
Mastery of gauges by activity
Possibility to propose options

Numbered Placement / Seating chart

Edit your customized placement system
Draw an interactive seating map


Panier en 7 langues, Back-office en 3 langues
Traduisez toutes vos données événements (nom des tarifs, descriptions, instructions, formulaires...)


Create your shop

Edit your customizable sales page
Present your event
Communicate with attendees

Embed on your site

Copy and paste integration code
Responsive widget to your colors
Exportable multi-event calendar

On a Facebook page

Copy and paste integration code

Ticket sales

With printing (A4, thermal) or e-mailing

Offline sales

Ticket Stock Imprinting


Track sales

Statistics per day, prices, sessions
Interactive list of attendees
Exporting data to Excel
API access

Easy order management

Batch Processing
Partial or full refund in one click
Customizable purchaser Rights (Modification, Refund)
Alert your purchasers in case of unexpected events
Delegate the management of an event

Tickets check

Using smartphone and tablet app
By computer, with or without barcode reader
By editing a listing
By renting our control terminals
Through your own system, using our API

Follow-up of payouts

A clear view on next payouts
Synthesis and detail by event
Details of each transfer

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